Self-publishing tools

Self-publish your creation with ease! Get all the advanced Self-Publishing Tools for Authors that help you self-publish your book without the need of any publication house. The book Industry will never witness a fall. Instead, it will always witness ever-growing demand from the audience. We help you reach your potential audience and readers to find your book with all the ease. No more dependency on the publication house! We offer you self-publishing that eliminates all your hassles! From the initial stage of publishing, we try to facilitate the following.

Elimination of gatekeeper

We make sure that we are eliminating the literary agents and publishers who create obstacles in your way. This will always help you show the diversity in your writings and eliminate hassles.

Increased margins

As there are no barriers when you are publishing your book, so it is evident that your margins will always be higher. Your traditional publisher may take a higher share from you, but we don’t! We let you earn more for every book that you publish. This will also encourage your work of creating exceptional books.

Enhanced controls

Publishing with us offers you better control over your publication process. When you publish your own book with all advanced tools, you will gain maximum visibility and control. So, it’s time now to get immersed in your writing and leave the publishing process on our tools.


Our tools bring equality to all authors. You now get access and control to HD quality printing. You will also get access to the book distribution network. No more dependency on traditional publishers!


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