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In the dynamic world of publishing, staying ahead means embracing tools that amplify your authors' reach and magnify their success.

CraveBooks is dedicated to transforming the way publishers and publicists manage and promote their authors. Our comprehensive platform is designed to streamline your promotional efforts, making it easier than ever to increase visibility, drive sales, and build a robust online presence.

By choosing CraveBooks, you're not just organizing accounts and tools you're unlocking a world of opportunity for your authors and your brand.

Here are some of the great features and benefits available with your publisher account:

Smart Promotion Features

  • Bundle and schedule all promotions at one time
  • Enter book information only once
  • Book data stored for future promotions

Author Management

  • Showcase the books of your talented authors
  • Promote and market their work effectively
  • Full control over every aspect of book marketing on the platform
  • Unlimited author profiles

Author Account Claim

  • Give authors the ability to self-manage their own accounts
  • Encourage authors to do additional marketing
  • Authors can actively participate in marketing efforts
  • Stay updated on author activity through log file access

Exclusive 20% Publisher* Bonus

  • Manage and store author marketing credits
  • CraveBooks adds an additional 20% credit bonus*

*Publicists included 

*Minimum $1,000 purchase to receive 20% bonus 

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