Relationships Quotes

Relationship quotes are famous amongst the young generation. Placing and maintaining healthy relationships is one of the most essential things we will do in our own lives. A lot of people would argue that using good relationships is the trick to happiness. There are more quotes on the relationship in Crave Books.

The most important ingredient we put into any relationship is not what we say or what we do, but what we are.
The best relationship is the one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.
Sooner or later, we must all accept the fact that in a relationship, the only person you are dealing with is yourself.
Relationships, marriages are ruined where one person continues to learn, develop and grow and the other person stands still.
Relationships may end in tears but no matter how many times we cry, we still end up on the same path all over again. It's called moving on!
Relationships dont always make sense. Especially from the outside.
Relationships aren't designed for selfish individuals.
Relationships are based on trust until you meet someone new.
All relationships have one law. Never make the one you love feel alone, especially when you're there.
A true relationship is when you can tell each other anything and everything. No secrets and no lies.
A relationship, I think, is like a shark. You know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And I think what we got on our hands is a dead shark.
A relationship is like a house. When a lightbulb burns out you do not go and buy a new house, you fix the light bulb.