How To Connect With The People In Your Life

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How To Connect With The People In Your Life

By C J Kruse

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Despite what anyone may say, relationships are NOT always easy.

Many of us wish we were better at making connections, keeping connections, or improving the connections we already have. This book talks about how that is done - regardless of where you currently stand or what you hope to accomplish.

Have you ever wished you were better at networking or making good first impressions? Do you feel like you don't know what to say to people when you are trapped inside the elevator with them? Or, do you sometimes simply wish that you had stronger bonds with your friends and your family - those people you already know and love, but feel strangely distant to?

All of these situations can be improved upon.

Connection is something that can be learned.  It is a skill that can be sharpened. It doesn't matter if we are (or aren't) naturally gifted in the area of connecting with people. Some of the best relationship-builders in history were people who did not feel like social masters, but learned the art of connecting despite their natural inclinations. Many of them felt socially awkward and dealt with real feelings that you and I face in everyday encounters. Isn't it worth investing some time to become more skilled at connecting? 

In this book, we will talk about:

- Learning to break the ice with people.
- Learning to be a better conversationalist.
- What loneliness means and how to deal with it.
- Making/keeping friends.
- What it means to connect.
- The benefits of connecting.
- Common barriers and misconceptions we have about connecting.
- Different ways to connect.
- Connecting in unique and difficult situations.
- Dealing with the pains of friendship.
- Coping with loss and rejection.
- Overcoming shyness.
- Connecting with ourselves.
- Much, much more.

Life is short, and people are what matter. If we miss this, we miss out on great depth, meaning, and fulfillment. Isn't the whole point of life to leave a positive impact on those around us? Any time you give to this endeavor is time well-spent. 

RIGHT NOW is the RIGHT TIME to start improving your connection skills.


I received this book as a gift and am surprised at the depth of knowledge and deep personal introspection that went into each topic.  I'm inspired to address these topics in my own relationships and with those we serve.  The breadth of knowledge in this book is remarkable and the recommended resources will help people pursue information in the areas that are appropriate for them.  I suspect that Mr. Kruse has many deeply personal stories of how he's learned and applied these truths which he could share in future books.  Well written and easy to read considering the breadth of information addressed.

- Janice

This book came in handy! I just realized my perspective of... well, life itself, but particularly dealing with 'us', people wasn't as precise as I thought... I already benefited from one of Caleb's book (the defensiveness one) and this is yet another must-have tool (IMHO). Thanks Caleb!

- Korsa


Book Length : Novella – 60-150 Pages
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