Hades Descendants

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Hades Descendants

By Nikki Kardnov

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Beware, Olympus, because this dark horse might be your downfall…
Every year, the immortals of Mt. Olympus assemble for a brutal series of games. Welcome to The Trials, where the offspring of the gods must compete for their immortality.

There's only one rule: Winner takes all.

I’m just Ana, an orphan, a cast-off. Nothing too special about me… except for that one pesky problem I have where things die when I touch them. Yep, it’s definitely an issue.

This year at The Trials, everyone's expecting Haven Knightfall to win. One of Hades's elite descendants, Haven is handsome and cruel and perfect to admire from afar. He just happens to also be my own personal tormentor—except when he's kissing the daylights out of me. Which is not confusing at all.

No one's betting on me, plain old Ana. No one expects an unclaimed orphan to win. But I'll stop at nothing to learn to control my powers, beat Haven, and become Champion.

Beware, Olympus, because this dark horse might be your downfall...

Hades Descendants is book 1 in the Games of the Gods trilogy, a brand new enemies-to-lovers series packed with hate kissing, sizzling tension, and heart-pounding action.


Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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