Wrath Child: A Supernatural Thriller (A Rational Man Supernatural Thriller Series Book 1)

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Wrath Child: A Supernatural Thriller (A Rational Man Supernatural Thriller Series Book 1)

By Erik Henry Vick

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2021 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards Gold Medal for Supernatural Fiction!
Another stormy night, another body found in another dark NYC alley!

When a third woman dies in Manhattan, FBI Agent Gavin Gregory of the Behavioral Analysis Unit takes notice. The signature of the crimes matches a series of brutal murders he investigated ten years ago, and he fears the killer has returned.

A psychiatrist from a New York mental hospital claims to know the identity of the murderer. When Gregory hears her unbelievable tale--a dark mind trip of demonic possession--he almost walks away, but she knows too many details only the perpetrator would know. Gregory wonders if she is insane or if she is the killer.

When Agent Gregory’s wife is kidnapped, he must embrace the supernatural or risk losing her forever.

Part thriller, part supernatural horror, Wrath Child keeps you guessing and turning pages long into the night.

Perfect for fans of Dean Koontz, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Jeremy Bates, Anthony M. Strong, Lee Mountford, Michaelbrent Collings, and Abe Moss.

Reviews of Wrath Child

"Vick is a seasoned writer who doesn’t hold back. His opening line ('The alley stank of garbage and human waste and blood and imminent death') demonstrates his ability to evoke the senses and paint a visceral scene -- and alerts readers that the story to come contains a fair amount of gore and disturbing images. The well-crafted plot, memorable characters, and decidedly wicked villain will linger long after the last page is turned. Those looking for an engrossing supernatural thriller containing high stakes will find much to enjoy. Great for fans of John Connolly's A Book of Bones and Vaughn C. Hardacker's Wendigo."--Publishers Weekly

"Wrath Child is one of the best supernatural thrillers I've read in recent years, and I would highly recommend it to fans of the genre."--Pikasho Deka, Readers' Favorite Reviews

"Wrath Child: A Supernatural Thriller is psychologically rich, written with interesting details and scenes that put readers on the edge of their seats. It is an enjoyable read with great writing."--Grace Masso, Readers' Favorite Reviews

"This is the best thing [Erik Henry Vick has] ever written!"--Supergirl (Erik's wife--how could she be biased??)

"Addictive, disturbing, scary and absorbing story. Already ordered the sequel. Can't lose with this book."--Amazon Reader

"If you want to be scared page after page, then this book is for you!!!!"--Amazon Reader

"It was impossible to put down. A little bit of the mystery gets revealed at a time creating perfect suspense. Terrifying and unforgettable plot."--Amazon Reader

"…a phenomenal hit! This is what horror and suspense is all about. Filled with twists and turns, murders, psychosis, adventure and suspense, this novel will keep you up reading all night under the covers."--Amazon Reader

"I loved this book. There was an inventive streak I was not expecting."--Amazon Reader

"[Erik Henry Vick] punches well above his weight, comparing favorably with Grisham, Patterson, Koontz and sai King (who remains The King, but still) and other storytelling masters."--Amazon Reader


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