Defining Gravity (Defining Gravity Series Book 1)

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Defining Gravity (Defining Gravity Series Book 1)

By Genevieve Mckay

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Astrid never breaks the rules; she’s much too terrified of her overbearing father to step out of line. He controls her weight, her friends, and even her career path. And he doesn’t approve of anyone in their family thinking for themselves.

When one impulsive decision ends in disaster, Astrid is grounded for the summer, forced to put her archery career on hold and take a menial job cleaning stalls at a posh dressage barn. It takes a little horse named Quarry and a quirky cast of characters to banish Astrid's unhappiness and show her that she is worth something. But when her father steps in, once again, everything Astrid has grown to love is threatened.

Author's Note: The Defining Gravity series is set in Canada so some of the terms, phrases and spelling conventions might seem unfamiliar at first to American readers. We use a variation of British English so you may notice some differences; favour vs. favor, colour vs. color, centre vs center, pyjamas vs. pajamas etc. etc. Happy Reading! Genevieve


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