Always, Never, Still (Shenandoah Stories Book 2)

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Always, Never, Still (Shenandoah Stories Book 2)

By Rita Finch Pettit

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Three years ago, Sam Russell was almost killed by a kidnapper taking his beloved Sarah.

But now Sam is learning that living can be harder than dying.

Blindsided when Sarah pushes him away, Sam scrambles to hold himself together. His classes at Virginia Tech become a welcome distraction, even as he wonders if his dreams of med school were a mirage. Sometimes Sam feels he has been abandoned in a cavern, alone with his doubts.

But those struggles are eclipsed by a terrible loss, pushing Sam deeper underground. Then a desperate choice threatens to bury him and Sarah in a rockslide of regret, guilt, and sorrow.

Sam talked to Jesus while he was comatose, but no miracle is in sight this time. When he begs God for answers, he receives a single word: “still.”

Will Sam emerge from the darkness and find peace with the woman he has always loved? Or will he remain in the rubble, never to be rescued?

Always, Never, Still is the second book in the Shenandoah Stories series from Rita Finch Pettit. If you like Christian romance featuring engaging young adults trying to live out their faith, you’ll love this new installment of the compelling series. Buy Always, Never, Still to discover the Shenandoah Stories today.


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