Entwined in the past: Clean Romance

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Entwined in the past: Clean Romance

By Molly Maco

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★★★★★ From Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author

How do you deal with a father who leaves without a word?

You paint.

You paint like your life depends on it, so you can hold on to the memories. Memories of the good days. When you felt loved and your family lived as one.

Kiki Sanders isn’t your regular young lady. She has lofty dreams. Dreams many would deem too great to achieve, given the circumstances surrounding her family. Her father left without a word when she was 12, leaving her mother to care for her and her siblings all alone.

Eight years later, Kiki settles into a regular life as a waitress in her small town, her dreams seemingly forgotten.

However, a unique turn of events reminds her of all she has wanted to achieve, and she’s determined to grab life by the horns this time. Even if it means leaving home like her father did.

Life as an artist in Vegas can be colorful in all sorts of ways, but Kiki is not blinded by the glamour and lavish parties. All she wants is to live a simple life and retain her contract as an artist with Thromboda Gallery.

There’s no time to think about men or a relationship, since they all walk away eventually like her father did, don’t they? 

Until she meets Luan.

This barista at the coffee shop has set his sights on Kiki, and he’s determined to chase her forever. Kiki is almost forced to rethink her resolve, but her father’s return puts a clog in the works.

Will Luan be able to reach her before it’s too late?

This is a great read for all the lovers of suspenseful romance, suspense, and romance, later in life romance, small-town romance, emotional reads, cozy romance reads, middle-aged woman romance or simply women's fiction.


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