The Demon's Christmas Baby (A Steamydale Holiday Romance)

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The Demon's Christmas Baby (A Steamydale Holiday Romance)

By Emmy Clark

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Rule #7 - Do not throw coins into the fountain at Umbra Park.

(Especially on Christmas Eve!)

All she wanted for Christmas was the small town holiday romcom happily every after of her dreams.

...Instead she got a dropdead gorgeous, devil may care demon who said her wish was stupid. Bah humbug!


Sweet and innocent good girl Mary Davenport thought moving to the small town of Steamydale would be a dream come true.

(Spoilers: It wasn't.)

I mean, yes, she has a good job as a hairstylist, it came with great benefits, and she loves doing up everyone's hair for their parties, special events, weddings, dates, and, um...

When is it her turn for a night out, though? Preferably with a dropdead gorgeous hunk who only has eyes for her and can't keep his hands off of her. She's having a hard enough time making friends, let alone getting a man to ask her out for coffee. Not that any have even looked her way, but she is ready for it.

Which is probably why she broke one of the town rules, tossed a coin into the Umbra Park fountain, and made a special Christmas wish.

She just never expected a sinfully muscular hunk of a demon to answer the call. He'll find her the man of her dreams and give her the happily ever after she's always wanted, all in exchange for the small small price of... her soul!

Um, wait a second...

What starts as a silly wish turns into the Christmas Eve adventure of a lifetime and then the sudden realization that the man she so desperately desires is the only one she knows she can never have.

On the bright side, her off-limits grumpy demon looks really hot in a Santa costume somehow?



Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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