Beached & Bewitched (A Magic Island Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 1)

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Beached & Bewitched (A Magic Island Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 1)

By Emery Belle

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Book your ticket to Magic Island, where the potions are brewed fresh daily, the beaches are perfect for creature-watching, and the fangs and fur are on full display.

Wren Winters is utterly, painfully ordinary. The most boring job on the planet? Check. A boyfriend of eight years who still hasn’t put a ring on it? Double check. A squirrel that can’t stop gorging itself on her tomato plants? Make that a triple. But on the eve of her thirtieth birthday, Wren can’t shake the feeling that things are about to change.

And they are. Just not in the way she planned.

After a series of unexplainable events makes her question her sanity, a strange little man arrives to deliver an even stranger message: Wren isn’t so ordinary after all. She’s a witch, and in order to claim her powers, she must leave everything behind and journey to a place she never even knew existed.

Suddenly, Wren is thrust into a fantasy world come to life, where taxis sprout wings and take to the skies, merwomen teach sold-out water aerobics classes, and scent-challenged ogres panhandle on street corners for unusual delicacies. Add in a new job, a hunky coworker, and a full schedule of magical lessons, and Wren’s formerly boring life is nothing but a distant memory.

But before she’s able to even test out her training wand, Wren is confronted with a murder she feels compelled to solve, a list of suspects with plenty to hide, and a mysterious man in black who seems to be tracking her every move.

Turns out even fantasy worlds have their dark sides.

Author's Note: Each book includes a self-contained mystery, but there are longer, ongoing subplots that continue throughout the series.


  • ASIN: B07HDK53N7

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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