To Rescue a Princess: The Chronicles of Cornu Book 2

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To Rescue a Princess: The Chronicles of Cornu Book 2

By L J Dalton Jr

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Mike had come to the realization that during his hike in the Adirondacks, he’d managed to come across something that sent him from earth to this new world Cornu. He was enough of a scientist to realize it was well beyond anything he was familiar with. However, it was science, not magic. The world was called Cornu, and the technology seemed to be the early 1700’s with a few exceptions. He noticed what could only be McCormick reapers and Amish plows. Not from that time period at all.
Then there was the merino sheep and cattle with names like Guernsey. That was simply too similar to be a coincidence. That gave him real hope that there was a way home. He just had to find it.
He had just rescued a village from Bart’s Bandits. A beautiful young woman Alania had helped him by distracting the guards giving him a chance to set up his ambush of the bandits. After he freed the village, she’d given him a very special reward. What he didn’t know was that she was trying to get pregnant and had succeeded.
The villagers managed to get across to him in the direction he needed to get to the nearest large city. He headed off in that direction. There he hoped that he could find someone who would tell him how to get back home. What he didn’t realize was that was going to take him right into the heart of the attacks on the Nordian Royal Family. It was his fate to be the difference between them living or dying. Besides having to deal with bandits and assassins, he had to deal with one beautiful Royal Princess.
Princes Catrina was looking to get betrothed, and when she met Mike, she knew that he would do nicely. For Mike, it was a multi-pronged issue. He wanted to go home, and that was top of mind. He couldn’t honestly get involved with a lovely young girl and then leave.
That’s not how she saw the situation. She was flirting outrageously, and he was strongly attracted to her. But she was a Princess, and he was worried that her father, the Crown Prince, and her grandfather, the King, might have something to say about it. And he was worried that wouldn’t be good for one Michael Mulvaney. For that matter, her mothers, sister, and little brother all seemed to view her obvious effect on Mike as a spectator sport.
Mike had to navigate all that. A culture and language he didn’t understand. Bandits and assassins out to kill the royal family and him as well. A beautiful Princess who was bound and determined to have Mike as a husband. Bandits and assassins, he had a better chance of dealing with than Catrina. He knew that he wanted her as badly as she wanted him. But as far as he could see, that was a very bad idea.


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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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